Kal-Tone Restoration Work 

Restorations usually involve multiple large operations and take more time to complete. Often times these come in the way of heirlooms, long neglected pieces, or severely damaged instruments. Pricing is a little different, as the work tends to be less straightforward than standard repairs. We go through everything with you up front so you know exactly what to expect.

Restoration Examples

1920s Wiessenborn 

1950s Kay Archtop

1890s Washburn Parlor

Back, brace, bridge removal/reglue (hide glue).  Top reshaped.  Bridgeplate replaced.  Electronics install without modification to instrument.

Ry saved this guy from the dumpster.  Solid spruce carved top, celluloid binding/pickguard, Brazilian rosewood fretboard, ect.  Neck reset, fretboard R&R, truss rod installation, new bridge.

These lovely instruments  have often suffered too many bad repairs to survive.  Such was almost the case for this one.  New soundboard, fretboard, and bridge.  Graphite bars installed in the neck.  Neck reset.  Refinished.

Oldest Known Factory-Built Gibson: A Kal-Tone Restoration Project

(Watch below)