Repairs (see prices below)


Kal-Tone handles the entire spectrum of work needed by you, the player. We install strap buttons, quickly turnaround setups, restore vintage instruments, and are called upon for museum conservation of historic pieces. To us, the essence of good business is listening to your specific concerns, providing options for improvement, and making sure you understand what we’re going to do and how it’s going to function and look once completed.

We’re always happy to take a look at your instrument and give you some information. Occasionally, more involved requests
are charged an evaluation fee. Listed below are general base costs for our common repairs. We evaluate every instrument before giving estimates, and pride ourselves in never exceeding that cost.


The majority of our repairs have set prices (see below), everything else is $80/hr.

Discounts are often (but not always) given for multiple repairs on a single instrument.

In addition to the common procedures (below), we also:
Make replacement pickguards, install/replace truss rods, replace/upgrade hardware, fit new archtop bridges, install banjo spikes, refinish lacquer instruments, custom wire electric circuits, rewind pickups, and much much more.

Repair Prices

Setups – adjustments and maintenance (cost of strings not included)

$40 Quickie – Adjust neck, saddle (string) height, oil fretboard, quickie fret cleaning, restring, tune, clean.

$80 Basic – Same as Quickie plus: 20 min of fretwork (leveling/crowning), set intonation, lubricate electronics, tighten tuners, calibrate nut slots, set pickup heights, check battery.

$135 Full – Same as Basic plus: Full Fret Dress – File frets level with
precision bars, re-crown, re-bevel ends, buff to mirror finish.


Refretting – replacing worn down frets with same sized new fretwire. Often, a taller nut is needed to match the taller frets. Costs will increase if frets were previously replaced poorly, or if significant “straightening” of the fretboard is required.

$150 Partial – up to 7 frets. $10 each additional fret.

$340 Full refret – Remove all frets, clean out slots, sand/clean fretboard unless requested otherwise, replace with nickel wire
(many sizes available), and finished to a mirror gloss.

$40 for unbound fretboards

$60 Upgrade to EVO frets. Subtle gold color, 5 times harder than Nickel.

$100-150 Upgrade to Stainless Steel frets. 10 times harder than Nickel.


Nuts and Saddles – available in bleached and natural bone, brass, and premade graphtech products if applicable. We recommend bone for longevity and tonal performance.

$75 New bone (graphtech) nut labor. Remove and replace with custom fit new piece. Overall 1-6 string spacing is
replicated with graduated string to string spacing. Sanded and polished.

$90 Brass Nut polished to high gloss.

$60 New compensated bone saddle labor. Radius matched to fretboard. Sanded and polished.

$6 Bone nut blank

$5 Bone saddle blank


$50 K&K Pure Mini installation (our top choice) Superglue attachment with tailblock drilled out for jack.

$25 Add volume control to K&K pickup installation.

$65 Most all other acoustic pickup installations.

$40 Electric guitar (electromagnetic) pickup installation base price.

$40 Replace control in circuit. (potentiameter, switch, etc)

$25 each additional

$25 Install new output jack switchcraft USA ($6)

$25 troubleshoot circuit failure



$80 Reglue broken headstock (base cost)

$40 Reglue detached brace (acoustic) $30 each additional.

$90 Bridge removal, remove glue residue (chemically), refit, reglue.

$40-80 Crack repair. Cost vary depending on ease of repair.

Includes glueing of the crack and cleats. No finish repair.

$90 Patch bridge plate.

$80 Heat bend neck.

$450 Neck reset – glued in dovetail. Add $100 for finished over heel.
$280 Neck reset – bolt on neck/glued on tongue.

$80 Taylor neck reset.