Orignal Kal-Tone Guitars

Kal-Tone Custom Guitars

Since 1998, Ry Charters has made a wide variety of custom guitars; traditional acoustics, lap steels, resonators, Gibson and Fender variations, and custom designs. We still offer custom designed guitars with an approximate wait time of 6-8 months.  Now, Ry and Jay are producing standard models in small batches along with those custom options.  These have a much shorter build time of 2-3 months, and gives us the opportunity to occasionally have completed instruments available as well.

In keeping with our pride at producing hand-made guitars in Kalamazoo, Michigan, our goal is to keep things “local” as much as possible.  Most of our wood is hand selected from local lumber mills. We wind our own pickups, make our own pickguards, and spray our own finishes. We also design all of our guitars in 3D CAD software, and run a small CNC router to make our own precision tooling. And, Kalamazoo is filled with fine craftspeople who we constantly call upon for help making small parts, designing and printing logos and other materials, and providing us with the fuel to keep us going (looking at you, FIDO Motors Cafe!!)

Our Custom Guitars